MacOS Dev Tools Shortcuts Must Know



customized config:

Put this in your .zshrc

bindkey "[D" backward-word
bindkey "[C" forward-word
bindkey "^[a" beginning-of-line
bindkey "^[e" end-of-line

Inline Ops

Function Shortcut Use
Move back and forth on a line Arrow Keys This takes you off the home row but it’s easy to remember
Move back and forth on a line by words Option + Arrow Keys Fast way to jump to a word to correct a typo or “run again” with minor changes
Move to the start of line Ctrl + A
Move to the end of line Ctrl + E
Delete previous word (in shell) Ctrl + W It’s faster to delete by words. Especially when your last command was wrong by a single typo or something.
Delete to start of line (favorite) Ctrl + U Use this to start over typing without hitting Ctrl-C
Delete to end of line (favorite) Ctrl + K Use this with command history to repeat commands and changing one thing at the end!
Clear screen Ctrl + L This is telling the shell to do it. When this doesn’t work + K will tell iTerm to do it which works when you aren’t in a shell. Use this instead of typing clear over and over.
Search as you type Ctrl + R and type the search term; Repeat Ctrl + R to loop through result
Search the last remembered search term Ctrl + R twice
Cancel the search and restore original line Ctrl + G

Tabs & Windows

Function Shortcut
New Tab + T
Close Tab or Window + W (same as many mac apps)
Go to Tab + Number Key (ie: ⌘2 is 2nd tab)
Previous Tab + Left Arrow (I usually move by tab number)
Next Tab + Right Arrow
Split Window Vertically (same profile) + D
Split Window Horizontally (same profile) + Shift + D (mnemonic: shift is a wide horizontal key)


IntelliJ/GoLand (Jetbrains series)

VS Code



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